Brooklyn Zoo

The Brooklyn Zoo can also be included, which consists of a two floor 10,000 sq ft. parkour and fitness facility.

Floor One

Floor one is great for Kids, Adults and anyone looking for a great time.  A fully spring floor provides for dance, tumbling, parkour, trick and other types of training.  High ceilings with obstacles, a trampoline and foam pit.  

Kids can enjoy their time with our knowledgable instructors while adults can enjoy the beautiful views and a cocktail on our rooftop.

Floor Two

Floor Two is not for the faint of heart.  With a series of obstacles, walls, climbing and maneuvering it takes some serious skill to master this course.  Become a Ninja Warrior or just try it out for the event.  Our knowledgeable instructors will keep careful watch as the kids (or adults) work their way through the course.  



Our instructors range from professional ninja warriors, to dancers, trainers, parkour tracers and beyond. 

They will craft a fun and exicting experience for all and are extremely attentive.  They can work with the most advanced to the beginner to make your event one to remember.